Silly Putter
Reimagined Interactive Retro
Mini Golf Experience 
About -  Prepare for an Experience like nothing you’ve ever seen in St Louis.  This new type of mini golf offers an amazing experience for all guests.   Each hole is interactive, retro, highly themed, and wacky as wacky gets!   Each hole is uniquely challenging and nostalgic from skee ball holes, pool table, pinball, plinko, to a foosball table whereby you try to slap a goal to get your ball closer to the cup.  Each hole mixes retro themes while playing mini golf within a blacklight themed environment.   Are you ready for the return of mirror balls, classic video games, pinball, with a bar wrapped around the craziest mini golf on planet Earth.  Silly Putter is setting the PAR for the best mini golf experience in Downtown St Louis.
Silly Putter Hours and Prices

Silly Putter is open 


  • Monday: Closed (Open for Private Parties)
  • Tuesday: Closed (Open for Private Parties)
  • Wednesday: 4pm – 8pm
  • Thursday: 4pm – 8pm
  • Friday: 4pm – 10pm
  • Saturday: 1pm – 10pm
  • Sunday: 2pm – 8pm
  • Cost: $15.00/person

NOTE: Silly Putter, Retro Arcade, and St. Louis Escape do not have SET HOURS – you must book online.  We do accept walk in customers but only when there are already existing bookings.  In other words on Saturday we’re open basically all day because we have bookings, so you can walk in and try to book escapes or Silly Putter.  On other days if there are no bookings we’re not at the facility.  However; if you look over our booking page and see bookings you can attempt to walk in and book. The hours listed above are the time frames bookings are available.  Our two busiest days are Saturday and Sunday and typically we’re there most of the day.  TO BE SURE OF A BOOKING, BOOK ONLINE! If you have any questions email us at

Private Parties are Available Contact Us 
Silly Putter also features over 10 pinball games, 10 classic retro video games, board games, full bar, and is connect to St Louis Escape.  St Louis Escape features 6 different escape rooms including the all-new Dracula – Wonderful Wizard of Oz -  Cellar -  Hotel -  Pirates Curse  and The Mummy.  Book Now

Vintage Arcade Games Include:  Mrs Pac Man - Galaga - Burger Time - NBA Jam - Donkey Kong - Frogger -  Space Invaders - Galaga Assult - Centipede 

PINBALL GAMES:  Star Wars - Teenage Mutant Turtles LE - Attack From Mars LE-
Black Knight  LE - Guardians of the Galaxy LE - Deadpool -  Wizard of Oz - Stranger Things LE -  Metallica Premium - Willy Wonka LE  - Star Trek LE