Movie Film Location and Prop Rental St Louis Missouri

Movie Film Location and Prop Rental St Louis Missouri


Are you planning on filming a television commercial, or a motion picture in the Saint Louis, Missouri area?  Our company builds Hollywood quality sets of any size including special FX for theme parks, and movie studios.  We also offer the largest amount of props for rentals to film and TV productions.  We offer antique props, fog machines, lighting equipment, and much more.  Additionally our company can lease/rent costumes, masks, and do professional make up for any type of movie production.  Lastly we can offer the best film locations for your next production including mansion settings, caves, creepy back drops, to you name it.  Our haunted house The Darkness is the most detailed attraction in America with realistic sets built 14 feet high with ceilings, complete with props to fit any type of movie.  We also offer one of the most unique underused film locations in America: 

The Old Lemp Brewery which features real caves, caverns and very gothic castle looking rooms with ceilings as high as 30 feet.  We also have a third location all outdoors which features old farm houses, corn mazes, and old hospital, graveyards, and much more.  We have whatever you need to film your next project.  Our sets and props are worth millions and millions of dollars to offer your production an increased production value.

Are you doing a model shoot and need cool props, settings, or backdrops or even lighting, fog, or equipment rentals we have everything you need here in St Louis Missouri.  We are the BIGGEST MOST COMPLETE film and tv prop, rental company in the St Louis Missouri region.

If you contact us we will send you photos and videos of any type of set or prop you are looking for from a library to a bedroom to a gothic cave.  Our location also include SEVEN HOLLYWOOD LEVEL THEMED escape rooms which could double for movie sets.  Themed rooms include Dracula - Wonderful Wizard of Oz - Cellar - Haunted Mansion - Pirates Curse - Jurassic Island and Frankenstein.  We also have a themed interactive mini golf.  You could shoot many movies, scenes, at our complex.  Contact us today for a tour.   We're hands down the best movie location in St Louis Missouri. 

Please contact us today for more information or call 314 504 3970 ask for Larry.