5 Minute Escape Room - The Darkness

5 Minute Escape Room - The Darkness

Scary Horror themed 5 minute Escape Room - Located at the Exit of The Darkness 
Five minute escape is located at the exit of The Darkness near our Horror Gift Store.  Guests enter a room and must solve puzzles within 5 minutes to escape.  This is a scary escape room and very intense.  Each guests will be locked inside their own coffin and guests must work together to survive! This escape room is not to be confused with our 60 minute escape rooms located next door (St Louis Escape). 

Our real escape rooms located next door (St Louis Escape) and include (Pirates, Frankenstein, Cellar, Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Dracula, Jurassic Island and Haunted Hotel).  The 5 Minute Escape Room is located inside our all new Horror Themed Gift Store at the exit of The Darkness.  Buy tickets online or buy them inside our gift store at the exit of The Darkness. 

NEW 2022: In the area where the 5 minute escape room is located we've added several new Halloween themed attractions.  In 2022 we added the very rare Halloween Pinball, two new photo ops with Hollywood Movie Icons and a complete Horror Retail Store.   In 2021 we added Zombie Jam Interactive Basketball Game plus new Halloween Themed Pinballs. 

   BUY ONLINE in advance with your ticket to the Darkness CLICK HERE

Play 5 Escape only $5.00

You can also BOOK PRIVATE A PRIVATE PARTY ... includes fast passes to Darkness, and thru Terror Visions 3D plus 3 minute escape, free pinball, arcades, photo ops and private party room for you and your group.  CLICK HERE to BOOK get details. 

The Darkness features St Louis #1 Rated Escape rooms next door called St Louis Escape.  St Louis Escape features four escape rooms including the Cellar, Mummy, Haunted Hotel , Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Pirate Curse, Frankenstein, Jurassic Island and Dracula.  When visiting The Darkness you should book our WORLD CLASS HIGH TECH Escape Rooms.  Book the escape rooms at www.StLouisEscape.com

Cost to book St Louis Escape next door to The Darkness is $30.00  www.STLOUISESCAPE.com