Are you ready to experience a one of a kind event as you tour one of the best trailer haunted houses in the country AND see for the first time Zombie Paintball Hayride hosted by Fear Fest?

Both attractions will be located in Fenton at the Creepyworld location, about 25 minutes from the convention center. Buses will leave the convention center at 6pm to take you to the attractions, and from there take you to Lemp Brewery for The Haunting At Lemp Brewery haunted house LIVE tour, and finally return you to the convention center.

You will board a hayride and fire paintball guns at zombies to experience a new, interactive way to produce a traditional hayride. While at the location, we will open for the first time to the haunt industry our trailer haunted house, Ravens Mansion, allowing you to tour the 'mothballed' attraction as is.The trailer haunted house is NOT operational, not newly renovated for 2012, and many props as well as some lighting/sound have been removed for safe winter storage since the close of 2011 season. These will not be reinstalled for this 1-day tour.

This is an educational tour and what you will experience is knowledge & ideas on how you could design and construct your own trailer haunted house.

Video and cameras are allowed. Trailer haunted house expert Rick Strelak will be on hand to answer questions like how to create sprinkler systems inside a trailer haunt and how to best build a haunted attraction using trailers.

Additionally, the hayride will be setup for Zombie Paintball demos and WILL NOT feature all the sets and props normally installed in October for the Tombstone Haunted Hayride attraction at Creepyworld. However, there will be nearly 30 actors on hand, so you can experience a live demonstration of how a Zombie Paintball Hayride operates.

Both of these events are intended as learning experiences.

Ravens Mansion trailer haunt will feature NO ACTORS, lights turned on. You will be left to explore the attraction to discover firsthand how a trailer haunted house is put together.


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