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The Darkness is located 2 miles from America's Center (Convention Center site of the 2016 Transworld Haunt Show)


The Darkness tour is NOT offering ANY bus service to or from the convention center you must drive to the attraction or take a taxi.



To Reach The Darkness or St Louis Escape: From the front door of the America's Center take Washington Street (same street the convention center main entrance is located) LEFT and travel EAST towards the Arch/Riverfront/Landing. Turn RIGHT onto Broadway (one way road) SOUTH. Broadway will eventually turn into a 2-way road, turning into 9th Street. When it does, immediately turn RIGHT onto Marion Street or Carroll Street (next to historic Soulard Market). 1 block up you'll immediately arrive at The Darkness Haunted House building (1525 South 8th Street, St. Louis, MO 63104). If you see Soulard's Restaurant on the right, you've gone slightly too far. If continue onward and see a CLARK gas station across from a MOBIL gas station across from a St. Louis Bread Co Restaurant, you're continuing to go too far; "turn around". If you find yourself in front of the World-renowned Anheiser Busch Brewery, you've gone much too far; again "turn around". If you can't find The Darkness ask anyone in town "Where is Soulard Market?" The Darkness shares a parking lot with the historic Soulard Market.



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