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Darkness Haunted House Tour Directions

NOTE: Below find the dates for each event.  Please keep in mind the times for each event.  If you visit the behind the scenes tour keep in mind you must FIRST GO TO LEMP BREWERY 3500 Lemp Avenue down the street from Darkness.  Lemp tour opens first and closes first.   Once you leave Lemp head over to The Darkness.  Once at The Darkness you must enter Silo-X and Escape Rooms FIRST!   The Escape Rooms will re-open at 9 pm for bookings.  St Louis Escape and Silo-X are located next door to The Darkness.  You will enter the Darkness LAST!  

If you visit The Darkness for our live actors event you must enter Silo-X first!  You will enter the Darkness last.  Silo-X will close before Darkness.  You will line up to enter Silo-X upon leaving the back of the building, come back around front and enter The Darkness.   Keep in mind if you want to go thru The Darkness and book escape rooms in the same night you can do that.  Furthermore you can book our 3 Minute Escape but that will only be available to play ONE NIGHT ONLY (Saturday) and limited to the first 100 people. 

DARKNESS ADDRESS: 1525 South 8th Street, St Louis, Missouri 63104

The Darkness is located next to Soulard Market downtown at 1525 South 8th Street, Saint Louis, MO. 63104 Visit www.mapquest.com for a map to our location from your location or use Google Maps.

The Darkness haunted house is one of the nations ten best haunted houses so prepare yourself for the best haunting experience of your life.

Zombie Laser Tag and Escape Rooms are located next door at 1517 South 8th Street, Saint Louis, MO. 63104.


LEMP BREWERY ADDRESS: 3500 Lemp Avenue, St Louis, Missouri 63118

The Abyss at Lemp is located within the complex and there is ONLY one gate open. Drive around the entire complex and you will find the one open gate. The entire Lemp complex has a gate around the complex. The entrance gate is located on the south side of the complex. The Lemp complex is located just off highway 55 and South Broadway just 1/2 mile from AB Brewery.

DIRECTIONS FROM DARKNESS: Pull out to South Broadway go RIGHT pass the AB brewery and you will dead end into Lemp Brewery turn left, then an immediate right and look for the gate entrance. Travel distance 2 miles.

Zombie Laser Tag and Escape Rooms are located next door at 1517 South 8th Street, Saint Louis, MO. 63104.

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